How To See And Recover Deleted Messages On Messenger

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Sometimes, you might be having a private rapid-fire conversation with a few people at the same time and want to periodically delete all the messages so far but still keep the discussion going. Deleting the conversation http://www.messengerapp.mobi/ outright wouldn’t be optimal here as it would close the tab completely, interrupting the flow. As you know, regular text messages and iMessages share the same Messages app on your iPhone.

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Part 2: How To Access And Read Archived Messages On Facebook

Please wait for a while, and it will erase all text messages and other Samsung data without the restoration. Up next, you should see the list of all of your installed iMessage apps. Find out the app you wish to get rid of and then swipe left on it.

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  • Also, you won’t be able to see someone’s active status.
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You can easily hide all of your inactive chats by going to your chat settings and sending them off the archive folder. In order to unarchive a message, you should hover over the message and then choose the option “Unarchive Chat”. If you’re on mobile you need to long-press on the message like you did when archiving it, this time you will see the option “Unarchive”. While deleting a message on Facebook Messenger will remove it from your inbox and chat history permanently, there is no way to get back to an old conversation if you change your mind later on. Messenger’s archive feature allows users to save messages that they need to go back and reference later; The archive feature also helps you organize your conversations as well as your inbox in general.

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to delete facebook entire chat history android mobile browser only. Follow the below-given steps to remove all Facebook chat conversations on Android devices. Third-party data recovery software can also help you recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook Messenger. However, you need to note that the software can only be useful only if you have made a backup for your messages. Besides, you should install data recovery software before the file deletion. You’ll get a warning that explains “You’ll permanently remove this message for all chat members.

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